Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Guess I am Part of the Problem

In my mind, Reality TV can be broken down into two seperate categories: Watching those with talent and watching those who have self-percieved talent (Ameican Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Amercia's Got Talent.. you know), and then there are the Darwin-esque shows who test the beauty, strength, wit and ability of the contestants (Survivor, Bachelor, Deal or No Deal, and the like). There is nothing wrong with Realty TV. I enjoy the occasional summer night wasted in fron of Last Comic Standing myself. There are just A LOT of realty shows, ya know? For this reason previews for Age of Love fell upon blind eyes in this household. It wasn't until I saw clips of the show on E!'s The Soup, that my interest was piqued.

The premise is simple: parade beautiful 40 something and 20 something women in front of a 30 something guy and see who he goes for. Admittedly, I tuned in. From the first scene, the glaring theme of age is so in your face, you wonder if the show was produced by a team of eighth graders. There is much to comment on from the obvious editing of "confessionals" to the women that were picked in the first place. What I want to talk about, though, is the man they picked. What I think is so funny about these shows where many are vying for the attention/love of one is not only is that situation in and of itself ubsurd, but who is to say that this man is even deserving of the women's affection? In my mind, this guy is a dork. The 20 year old women are clearly just eye candy. They are, at least portrayed as, catty, emotional, and flighty. But, why would the casting crew have chosen this man as someone the 40 year olds would even want? Most of these women are not only gorgeous, but have great jobs, and provide for themselves. I mean, honestly, they say he is a tennis star that is looking to settle down after having many failed encounters with women. Pshaw. A non-committal, inarticulate 30 year old? Every 45 year old cougar's dream, I am sure.
I guess they signed up for the show, plus they are less than mature. They quicky revert to cattiness when the "race" begins. In typical reailty tv fashion, the first couple rounds of eliminations went off with tears and broken hearted cast offs. I wonder what it is that makes reasonable adults behave this way.
Okay, I dis it, but my tivo is still set.


shauna said...

Some of those shows are just painful to watch. And I'm with you, what makes grown adults (on national television, nonetheless) behave that way?

Gustogirl said...

That is one show that I skipped. Glad to hear that I didn't miss much. Isn't it horrible how they lure you in though. I swear, all it takes is one show, and you get involved with the people. I used to watch the Bachelor, because I caught a couple of episodes when there was nothing else on. The past couple (bachelors) though I have made a concerted effort to not even catch one episode so I don't get caught up. Don't get me wrong I love reality shows, but I love performance reality shows, American Idol, So, you think you can dance etc.

the daily knack said...

It has got to at least be better than Joe Millionaire!

I was just watching the Carrie Underwood video link, then I watched her AI tryout video. How crazy to see how much stardom changed her. She is so talented!

PinksandBluesGirls said...

I haven't seen a full episode of this show yet, just the previews and clips from The Soup (love that show)!

Don't these women have jobs? And some must have families!

They really can just take off for a few weeks to MAYBE find a guy!?

I'm still a sucker for these kinds of shows, though! :)

Jane, P&B Girls