Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How Clean are YOUR Insides?

So, at the risk of going to far with information, I want to discuss a cleanse that my girlfriend is trying to sell me on. Apparantly, it is a total body detox.. we are talking colon, bowel, liver... the works. It can reduce fatigue, bloating, and even improve your immune system. But-- imagine drinking 12-15 lemons worth of juice mixed with distilled water where the only upside is occasional silver lining of fiber supplements and Black Cohosh Root (whatever that is).

I am still trying to decide if it is something I would like to do.. if I do, I will definitely blog the play by play.. so don't worry.. nothing will be left out.


the daily knack said...

do you eat food while detoxing? I am guessing you don't, but wasn't sure. If you do it, good luck! lol.

Julie Ann said...

this sounds like something that would benefit me. let me know how it goes if you decide to do it babe.

Jules said...

Hey, I stumbled upon your blog today!

I didn't do this particular cleanse, but I did do the Master Cleanse. It's a 'lemonade' drink of water, lemon or lime juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. It doesn't taste that bad at first. But you have to drink so much of it!

No food, just the lemonade, or water. And when they say 'cleanse' they really mean cleanse! Yuck!

BUT...I did feel so much healthier, and after I did the cleanse, I really didn't want to eat junky or processed food (at least for awhile! :)

Good luck, if you decide to do it!

Sona said...

I had to have a colon cleanse for medical reasons - do NOT do this unless it's really necessary. You will disrupt the balance of your digestive system. Contrary to popular belief, your colon does not need purging.