Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Can Do Kid

I love so much about my little man, JJ. He is funny, smart, handsome, and relatively clean. Today he showed me something new about himself, though. Despite his well-natured exterior, he is pretty tenancious (a quality I hold near and dear). I left him downstairs with a bottle for five minute of face time with my mirror (it was, afterall, bathday--just kidding--sort of). I knew he must be finsihed with his bottle as I heard his sweet voice calling "mamamama" at the bottom of the stairs. I peaked around the corner and saw him holding tightly to the banister from behind. Through the cast iron bars I reasoned with my ten-month old "JJ, please be patient. Mommy is a hot mess, and I don't want to embarrass you when we run errands today." ( I talk to my child as if he is an adult... one person that won't interrupt me..) I went back to finish my hair and when I emerged, I found my son three quarters of the way up the stairs as if to say "if you won't bring me up there, I will come myself." I was so excited. This is something that he figured out completely on his own. We have never practiced the stairs, and he has never been interested in them. I love the fact that the stairs didn't seem like a huge barrier in his mind. Somewhere inside he thought, "I can do this, no prob." Just something he could handle one step at a time-so to speak. I am so funny, and he is so precious.


Pinks & Blues Girls said...

YEAH!! That is a BIG moment! Yeah JJ!! I'm sure when you saw that beautiful face coming up those stairs your heart melted!! And I love how you talk to him like an adult.. I SO do the same thing! LOL
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Oh... I will have Jane get back to you with the P & B button info... so glad you like the site!! :)
If you have any great products to recommend, let us know! :)
- Audrey

Gustogirl said...

Good for JJ!!!

Julie Ann said...

Yay! i think he wanted you to know who the boss is. you can't tell him what to do. what a little daredevil!

the daily knack said...

JJ is growing up so fast! He is catching up to Porter. Luckily for him he came from tall parents, he will probably pass Porter right up!

I got Porter's outfit at The Children's Place.