Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bad "Poetry"

Listen my friends and you will Hear
Of the midnight ride for our son so Dear
At 2 o'clock our eyes opened in fright
JJ's screams seemed to be peircing the night

Unlike our boy who seldom cries
Tonight's tears would not leave his Eyes
No bottle, nor binkie, nor medicine take
We wanted to sleep, but we were awake.

After an hour of trying all that we could
we took for a ride 'round the neighborhood
Finally deciding for ER attention
We were scared and that's all I will mention

A few blocks away, our boy finally quelled.
Which was good for the cash that we would have shelled
We took him home and put him in bed
So today, I have a real- sleepy head.


pinks & blues girls said...

Oh, your poor baby! I am so glad he ended up just falling asleep and being OK. How terrible that must have been.


Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

Julie Ann said...

jj causing trouble? that sure doesn't sound like the joyous little man he usually is...

Gustogirl said...

There was once that Joel was screaming like that and he wouldn't stop. He had a fever and just as I had asked my neighbor to watch my other two so I could take him to urgent care, he stopped. I am glad that JJ quieted(he must have felt at least a little bette).

the daily knack said...

how sad! It is so hard when you try everything and nothing of it works. I am glad he is doing well. You should catch up on your sleep as well!

Sona said...

Oh god - don't you just hate that helpless feeling? You don't know if it's gas or serious illness. But it'll make a great story in a few years.