Thursday, May 24, 2007

What you do for Love

Here in Salt Lake, the wise among us have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of our very own IKEA. I first fell in love with this store about five years ago, and every trip to a nearby city of any location had to include a trip to IKEA. I really do love this store, but the recent news stories coming out of Draper have me worried, and admittedly a bit dumbfounded at the logic of some of my fellow Utahns. People started camping out on Mondaybraving temperatures in the 30s at night to be among the first to pioneer this retail amusement park.

Still, others stood in line for numerous hours to view the showrooms and shops the day of opening. I will cop to being tempted to join the ranks of crazed fans, but once I came to my senses, I realized that this was a STORE, and STORE that will be there next week. I STORE that, in fact, would be more enjoyable with less crowds. I don't know about you, but I enjoy wandering through the aisles of creativity housed there unhurried. The newspaper described the lines as Disneyland-esque.
Apparantly, the first 100 adults recieved free armchairs, with the first 100 children recieving heart-shaped pillows. Also gift certificates in ranging amounts were handed out to others who showed up on that day. This picture of the first customer makes me giggle. He is proudly wearing a shirt that proclaiming his status, and doing a sidekick like a sweedish elf. If he had been camping since Monday, and going to spend the day at Ikea on Wednesday, how much work has he missed? And for what... a free armchair and a yellow t shirt?
Anyway, my cynicism should be checked, because for all my rants about this shameless display of excitement, I sort wished that I was there. Why? I don't know. Maybe becasue I don't like being left out. Maybe because I know I have been one of the most excited future Draper IKEA patrons. Or maybe it was for the free stuff. Who knows?? It is over now. I heard on the radio one man talk about Ikea as Furniture shopping at a carnival... in a good way. I have to agree. I love the wharehouse feel of the marketplace. I am tantalized by the setup fot eh showroom. I really do love it... and now it is here. {pictures curtesy of}


I'm Andrea said...

yikes! i am definetly not on that camp-out in the ikea parking lot band wagon. its fun to be a part of the croud, but i agree with you. shopping next week will be so much more pleasant. i really am just happy to finally have an ikea here in utah! we are moving up in the world. :)

Beanie said...

With your own Ikea, does that mean that Washington DC has lost all appeal to you? Or that you will get your own glasses, picture frames and baskets without needing to ship them 2,000 miles? Oh no!