Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Type Test

I had a very long post yesterday, so I am exhausted from blogging, and only have the tiniest bit of creativity left in my brain for the day. But just like a child who is trying to be done with the meatloaf by syaing they are full, only to move right on to the pie.. you know I have to blog today!

I remember when I was young watching my mom type. She is a writer, a published auther, and magazine editor, so naturally, she has apent countless hours on a keyboard and can type like the wind. I loved it when we would sit together at the computer and do my homework assignments. When I had a paper, she would usually offer to type it up for me, and I would sit next to her and dictate. Here fingers were a whir and something about the sound of the clicking and the ability to quickly get down your thoughts... Almost as they occur, fascinated me.

Perhaps this is the reason for my need to be a racehorse on the computer. When I sit down to type, I cna't go slow.. I must, I must just type as fast as my little fingers can take me. Sadly, this is the cause of my many many typos. For anyone who has read my blog, you know that I have no shortage. I can't help myself. Even when I can see that a typo has occurred, I look back in despair, knowing that that poor word will be misspelled forever, becasue I can't leave my thoughts behind long enought o backpeddle. What is wrong with me? The worst part is, that I CAN"T STAND things that are incoorectly spelled. When I see a word that is wrong, I silently think, "Doesn't this person know anything? THey have typos thourghout there [fill in the blank].

I promise to try to do better, ,but for those who care enough to read, know that you have been warned. It is in my brain and I am programmed forever. COuld I change?? Probably, but I have bigger things to work on at the moment. When I am self-actualized and perfect, I will move to pracicing my typing rigorously. Scouts Honor.

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