Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Campers

Last weekend we went camping with some family in the beautiful mountians of Utah. We looked up the weather and concluded that it would be about 80 in the day time and around 50 at night. We packed accordingly.

Somehow, weather reports could not have been more wrong and we found ourselves roughin it, in the freezing cold. We were fine, though, and had a great time. It was beautiful up there. The mountains were covered with Cottonwood trees. JJ had fun camping for the very first time. He was such a trooper!

I managed to snap a few cute picutres before my camera went on the fritz. This little girl is Jeremy's cousins daughter (what relation would that be?) Anyway, they have two, and they were both so darling with him all weekend.


megan&steve said...

Rachel, your family likes to TRAVEL! Good for you, to get a break, and spend family time together!! When is your trip to Florida? Fun, FUN. This is totally your year for fun vacations! Has JJ started swim lessons?

Gustogirl said...

Cute Pictures. I forgot to ask you about camping, I was so into what I was thinking about. It sounds like it was fun!

Beanie said...

I love camping. I love the smell and crackle of the fire. I love singing songs and telling stories. It looks like you had a great weekend and JJ took it all in stride. Fun!

lys said...

I think that my little man has the same madras pants as your guy. Are they from the Gap? So cute!