Saturday, May 19, 2007

R and R

We have just returned from an awesome vacation. We spent eight days in delightful Nassau, Bahamas. Jeremy and I have been looking forward to this trip for a long time so when we touched down in Bahamas, we were anxious to get our trip underway. Customs was a breeze.. almost too breezy. Anyway, we got to the thotel that we had reserved for the first leg of our trip and I htought there must be some mistake. I was serioulsy terrified. It was filthy, old, and rundown. When we got up to the front desk, they cloaimed to not have our reservation that we had made (and paid for) months in advance. They happily told us that we could just pay the going rate for the night since the "fortunately had room available," but our reservation could not be found. We quickly decided to not stay there, and just pay the extra money to check in to the other resort early. Honestly, I think they were scamming people because in the thirty minutes we were there, the front desk could not find three other groups' reservation.Nassau Beach Hotel Photo
So, we hopped in another cab and headed for the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, and are we glad that we did! We pulled up to this beautiful hotel, walked into the lobby and were so happy. Atlantis Royal Towers Lobby

Anyway, this hotel was amazing. It was huge with eleven swimming areas, a bunch of water slides, four beaches, and a big lazy river. There was a marina where we saw a bunch of million dollar yachts. They were gorgeous, and fun to see all lined up there. We had so much fun playing in the water and riding the lazy river and the slides. Yachts in the marina

One of our favorite slides, The leap of faith, an almost vertical drop into a tank of Sharks.

We loved being on the beach. The sand in Bahamas is white and powder-y. It is so soft and the water is a beautiful jade color and warm. We were there for eight days and we really had a great time. I could go on and on about the awesome hotel or the recognition that my husband recieved from work, or even the multiple celbrities that we saw and met ( Micahel Jordan, Al Roker, Jeremy Piven, etc.) but this isn't a travel blog, and maybe I will blog more about it later, but for nowwe are gald to be back. Of course we just missed our baby boy int he worst way. Everywhere we went we thought about how much we missed him. It was nice to get away, it is so good every once in awhile.

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megan&steve said...

WOW, your well deserved vacation sounds awesome! We will have to obviously meet up for lunch again at some point and catch up on everything. Who ended up watching JJ? I bet me missed you, but was in good hands! Babies are Awesome!