Monday, May 7, 2007

Nine Months

Oh what a difference nine short months makes. For me, today is special because my darling little boy is nine months old. He is now (not exactly, but close) been outside of me as long as he was in utero. Even as I type I hear his babbles and squeals. He is such a sweet boy that has changed my life forever.

Here is JJ at eigth months playing in the red sand of St. George, Utah. He was not quite crawling at this point, but was very inspired by his cousins at our Easter garhering. He crawled shortly after this trip.

Here is our boy at 7 months. He loves to play with his daddy, and at this point was becoming pretty good at rolling around andscooting where he wanted to go.

JJ is about five months old enjoying his bathtime. ever since he was new, he loved having his hair washed.

At Christmas this year, JJ was four months old. He was by far the greatest gift Jeremy and I have ever received. Naturally, we spoiled him, but he didn't seem to even notice what was goin on. He mostly liked the tagsm and the paper.

We loved this little chair when we saw it. JJ was three months old, ,far too young for it, but we had to gedt a picture. JJ has a sort of peace about him that makes him seem older than he is sometimes... this picture sort of captures that calm maturity.

At one month old we took JJ to Disnyland. He was such a great little traveler, we ended up takin him back to California in November andt hen Seattle in January. Honestly, he was so great on the plane and at the park.. The only time I remember him crying was when we tried to get his picture taken with Mickey.
In this last picture, JJ is one week old. When he was born, I felt the earth shift. He was and has continued to be the essence of happiness in our family. When I was in the hospital following delivery I loved when they wheeled him in to me. I never knew you could love someone like that. Love was reinvented and truly personified. It may sound like I am gushing, but that is not the half of it. Happy nine months JJ!


lindsey said...

Wow! JJ has grown up so fast! Happy nine months JJ, I'm glad you were born!

megan&steve said...

rachel, I'm so glad you have a blog also, we've just started one. I'm still trying to figure out what my myspace name or link is, I'm really retarded lately, and yes i'm still prego! Due the 16th!! WOW!

Julie Ann Montoya said...

happy nine months jj! he is so darn cute!

Gustogirl said...

Oh, I love the post. You clearly love your baby like crazy, which is as it should be!! Thanks for sharing the great pics!!!

time-for-a-paws said...

He has grown up so fast. I had no idea he had started crawling after the trip. HE IS SO CUTE!