Friday, May 4, 2007

Knowledge is Power

Apparently Jello Pudding Pops made a triumphant return back in June 2004. How did I miss the comeback? Where was I, what was I doing that could possibly be more important for the past three years? I was in utter shock when these delicious milkshakes on a stick disappeared from the freezer section. I remember getting box of these when I had oral surgery, and I know my brothers and sisters loved them as well. I finally made this personal discovery last weekend when my sister and I went out ofr treats. We went to the checkout aisle, looked down, and there was a father buying Pudding Pops for his children. Laura and I looked at each other, almost in unison and concluded that we must have them! At something liek $3.50 a box, they were a little exravagent, but so worth it.

They are now sold under the Popsicle brand, and are smaller than they used to be. I like the chocolate the best, but you may also have vanilla and swirl varities. Whend we finally reached our car, the suspense was killing us, and we immediately indulged in a pop a piece. Sadly, we were a little disappointed. I think, as is the case with many items once revered, then taken away, we had held the Jello Pudding pop to an unrealistic standard. Don't get me wrong, they were still a partyin the mouth, but the shape of the pop is different now, and not as pleasing, in my mind. I don't know if I will buy them again, I think that I prefer creamies, or the knockoff, moosebars. However, I am still so happy they are back! Just knowing that if I want one, I can have one is a great feeling. And you can take that feeling to the bank, baby!

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Gustogirl said...

What a fun post. I should have eaten more than one when I was there, but with all the other yummy things available, I didn't get a chance. Next time I am feeling crazy, I will have to buy some. I do miss the old shape though. Popsicle brand kind of stinks. Most of their pops are too small and over priced!!!