Thursday, May 10, 2007

I am a Blogger

Okay.. so some of my friends have been giving me flack about blogging. These few unnamed individuals think that this like myspace, or the like. It is true, that I was skeptical of the whole "blogging" phenomonon at first too, but once I started, I have obviously become hooked. Therefore, I have done a lot of thinking about thist (mostly, I guess for personal reassurance) and I have come up with the top five reasons why I love blogging:

5- A forum in which I can brag about my child shamelessly. Post new photos, and stories that would get old to others quickly.

4- I can blog about whatever I feel like.. something as stupid as why I like string cheese, you know like that. Or I can talk about current events and not have anyone interrupt with their pecky opinions.

3- I can do the previous while sitting in my house, eating string cheese.

2- It gives me the motviation to notice little things in my life and think about them. Then put those thoughts into words. Writing has always been good for me.

1- It gives my family and firends a context to my life that they would not normally have.

That is all... now, if you will excuse me, I am going to go have some string cheese.

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Gustogirl said...

Love the post. Why can't I comment on your R and R post?