Friday, April 27, 2007


Sometimes it takes tragedy to bring family together. Such was the case this week when my brother-in-law's Grandmother passed. Since we are, for the most part, from Salt Lake, my home becomes a sort of gathering spot. Laura flew in on Wednesday with her three kids in tow, and Scott followed on Thursday. We had fun playing in the sun at the park, watching The Backyardigans, and hanging out in our PJS.

Kate, Clark, and Joel are so helpful and love to play with their little Cousin, JJ. I am really looking forward to JJ and Joel being able t oenjoy each other's company as grow.


lindsey said...

Cute Pictures! I love the one of Jeremy and JJ!

Robert said...

I love this pic of JJ. Its amzaing how much you can love someone that you barely know. EVERYTIME I look at him it brings a smile to my face. I love JJ and cant wait to see his life unfold. Rachel the house is looking great! FYI ANAHEIM is spelled this way. Love you guys!