Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Almost Famous

Does every child dream of becoming rich and famous or was it just me? Growing up in a large family I used to fantasize about what my life would become. Although, deep inside I knew these dreams were just that, somehow my young mind found difficulty in seperating reality from fiction. I distinctly remember getting ready in the East bathroom ( makes it sound like I was raised in a castle), thinking about what I would feel like when I was famous bumping into someone I knew "back when." Funny enough, I never knew how I would obtain this "fame." No doubt, many children have such daydreams, but for some these dreams become reality. So, today my question is this... How do I help my young son turn his dreams from childhood aspirations to physical accomplishments? Not only that, but how do I take my hopes for my personal future, weed out the ridiculous, and obtain the possible? Who knows? I recently bought the Carrie Underwood cd, and I love it (Cheezy? maybe.) But I love it! Anyway, there is an expample of someone who dared to dream, and made those dreams come true.


Gustogirl said...

I so wanted to grow up to be a star too. My dream was to win an academy award. Although I think the reason may be different from yours. I thought that somehow fame would validate me in some way that I couldn't acheive on my own. Fame would grant me the self-esteem and self-worth I craved. I realize now that self-worth comes from inside and not from eztarnal validation. However, knowing that and remembering that on a daily basis are two different things. I am still a rock star in the shower though!!!!

Beanie said...

The idea of being rich and famous doesn't have much allure for me, but there is something that does. Those moments in the journey when you discover something or someone you really love are the most meaningful. I love it when you feel yourself coming alive or feel some deepest part of yourself touched and awakening. I value books or people or moments or the development of some talents that suddenly energizes me. You can tell you are having one of those moments because your soul says, "This is it." I think if we can pursue something that gives us that experience often, we are experiencing fulfillment and success. It reminds me of a moment in The Screwtape Letters when the Screwtape is angry with Wormwood because his mortal victim read a book he really wanted to read for the sheer joy of it. Screwtape said, that the devils should keep the mortals from the things they love at all costs--because love makes mortals come to themselves. "Our goal," says Screwtape, "is to keep our victims from doing either what they want to do or what they should do--both at the same time." (That's a paraphrase.) It keeps us in the shallows of our lives.
Real excellence at something brings us alive--and excellence is often unaware of itself.
If any of our people here have a yen for writing, a know a good magazine that would accept your musings.

Robert said...

Hey Rachel,
How do I help my young son turn his dreams from childhood aspirations to physical accomplishments?

I am going to attempt to answer your question. I think you are doing everything possible right now to raise JJ perfectly. I llok back at my childhood and I think of my mom and dad constantly supporting me in everything I do! Mom was always their for me when I called her from school faking sick and wanting to come home knowing I was faking it. I just wanted to be home with my mom. In my opinion a parents role is to be someone who has unconditional love and is ALWAYS theri for their childre. I know it sounds cliche but its TRUE. Rachle JJ couldnt ask for better parents than he has and I know he is on his way to become successful in whatever endeavor he wants. I love you guys.

Looks like a nice blog! I love seeing my nephew he makes me laugh everytime! Dont Worry I like your blog I think its a good idea!